thECSADDKCCricket, a popular sport for countries like India, Pakistan, Australia ETC. But for people like me it confusing yet exciting sport. Most people just refer to it as baseball’s cousin and leave it at that. Yet there is still something I find interesting. So I decided to see what all the hoopla was about.

So first of all where’s it from. Where the game of cricket originated from is unknown. People believe that around the Saxon/Norman times [from 410 to 1066] in Weald [ South-east England] was when children invented the game of cricket.

Now, how about the basics of cricket. There are two teams with eleven players in a 350 foot long oval-shaped field. With a 66 foot long pitch[where the bowler/pitcher pitches the ball]. The players use a cricket ball and a wicket/bat. Along with webbed mitts, shin guards, and a helmet.

Now that we know what is used for the game of Cricket we can find what the positions are. There are many positions in cricket so I’ll just name some of the most important positions. The first is known as the bowler and is the one who pitches it. Alongside the bowler is the wicket-keeper. Next is the batsmen who hits the ball. The other positions are known as wicket-keepers [fielders] but have more detailed names to them. Some important ones include the mid-on, mid-off and mid-wicket. Also the long off, long on, long stop, third man, gully, point and cover.

Now one thing that I never got was how you score because I always saw something like 345/3.First off just like baseball when you score it is called a run [not a point]. One run is scored each time the batsmen cross and reach the set of stumps at the other end of the pitch. Four runs can be scored if the ball reaches the perimeter of the field or six runs if crosses the perimeter without bouncing.

Now the last thing that I’m wondering about cricket is how long is it? In that search I found another reason why they call cricket baseball’s cousin. In cricket the amount of time is called innings. Although in cricket they play 4 innings instead of 9. There is 2 innings for each side. But a minimum of 1 inning each if the side batting first keeps batting and doesn’t declare

The more you know about cricket the more interesting it is to watch. Cricket was just another sport until I did this research and I hope after you read this you will learn more about cricket too.

My Favorite Player

Everybody has favorites. A favorite animal whether its a dog or a bear. Maybe a favorite food maybe being pizza or a hamburger. I have a lot of favorites too but the one I want to talk about today is my favorite basketball player. Michauspw_5156722_crop_northel Jordan.

There are a lot of reasons why he’s my favorite. He could dominate his opponent and do the most difficult things and make them look easy. Whether it’s dunking from the free throw line or winning six NBA championships he did it.

One of my favorite things about Jordan was how clutch he was. He made some of the most well known buzzer beaters of all time. From his two “The Shot”‘s against Cleveland to his final game with the Bulls making a free throw jumper to win his sixth NBA championship. Another thing you can’t forget about is his flu game in the 1997 NBA finals. Where he scored 38 points while suffering from the flu.

Just another thing that made so many people admire Jordan was the things he did that made your jaw drop. From him dunking from the foul line in the 1988 dunk contest to Jordan switching hands on a layup in the 1991 NBA finals versus the Lakers. He would just do some of the most amazing things.

Another thing that made him my favorite player was how he dominated players. One of the most crazy ways Jordan dominated was when he had 10+ points, assists and rebounds in 10 of 11 games. He also scored 45 points including “the shot” in the NBA Finals against Karl Malone and the Utah Jazz. My favorite was when he scored 63 in the first round of the playoffs against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics.

I have a lot of favorites. But my favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. I like him because he would do some of the craziest basketball moves without trying. He would just go out and dominate his opponent. He also did anything possible to win. That’s why Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player.


About Them

It’s time for the Spring Student Blogging Challenge. That means more fun challenges and getting to meet more people from around the world. One of the was to write a post about me. Since I have already done that. We decided to do it a little differently. I did an about Evan one of my classmates.

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Week 10 Recap

The student blogging challenge was a fun experience that taught me more things I can do on my blog. I also got to talk to and see other people in other countries. In total I wrote fifteen posts since September. One school-based and fourteen were set by the challenge. I also had sixteen comments since September. Six were by classmates three were by teachers and seven were by overseas students.

Then I had somebody new look at my blog. They thought I had a good title but a little too much red. They liked my post but said I needed more widgets. Do you have any comments about my blog? Is there anything I should change? Anything you don’t or do like?

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The Problem With Bullying

bullying_graphic_t750x550Bullying is a big problem. Everyday thousands of kids are afraid to go to school or even go outside because of bullying. It’s a problem that affects millions of kids everyday. It’s so bad that over thirteen million get bullied every year.

If you ask me I say that bullying is the biggest and most underrated problem in the USA. If you don’t believe me just look at the stats. Seventy-seven percent of kids will be bullied as a kid including once every seven minutes. If that’s not bad enough one in four teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and only four percent of teachers will interfere. If you still don’t have a problem with bullying think about this one in seven kids get bullied each day in kindergarten to 12th grade and 160,000 kids per day. If this isn’t a terrible problem I don’t know what is.

Bullies makes some kids are afraid to go to school or even outside because some people hurt them whether it’s verbally, mentally, physically or cyber bullying. They make them feel like trash and like they’re unwanted and don’t belong. Another side is the bullys side. Sometimes the bullies bully because they want to copy their friends or they want to fit in or think their better then the kid they are bullying.

There is only one way to stop bullying and that is to react. Because bullying is a cruel, mean disgusting thing. If we all work together, we can stop it. Just don’t forget, think before you say or do anything and maybe you can stop one of those 13 million kids.

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Count Three

two-of-threeCount three is a fun game and a great way to get comments. It is Where you visit one blog comment on that blog then go to their blog roll. Once you look at the blog roll you find another blog and go comment on that blog. After you comment on that blog you go to that persons blog roll and find one last blog to comment on. Then your done.

When I did the count three challenge I read some interesting post. First I went to Joey Widman’s Blog and I read his post about where he would want to live if he could live anywhere. Then I went to his blog roll and found another blog. The blog was called Thomas’s Blog. The post I commented on was his one about his favorite football the New York Giants. Finally I went his blog roll and went to the last blog. The last blog was called Mountain Creek. He had a lot of good post but I decided to comment on his post about the history of Halloween.

If you haven’t tried the count three challenge I strongly encourage you to. It will connect you to other kids around the world. You will get to see their hobbies and ideas. There is also a good chance you will get a comment back. Count three is a great game I think you should try.

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signWhat would you do if you could improve your school? Would you change the hours, the food, the rooms or the campus. For me I don’t even know where to start. I would change our lunches, the time we start and end and the size of the lockers.

One of the things I would change is my lunch. I would change the lunch because probably like a lot of other students lunches all they have is fruits, vegetables and proteins. I would change the lunch so we could have ice cream every Friday. I would also give us more options like the regular meal plus like pizza and chicken. The last thing I would do is when we can get extras I would make the extras a little less healthy.

Another thing I would change is the school hours. I think that school starts way to early. I think we should start at eight AM to three PM. That would give us more time to sleep and we still don’t get home late. If we couldn’t do that I think we should go from seven-thirty AM to three PM and not go Friday. That way the district is happy because we’re still learning a lot and the students are happy because they wouldn’t have to go Friday.

The last thing I would change is the lockers. The lockers at my school are tiny. They are about five feet tall and five inches wide. If I could change the lockers I make them the same height but more like a foot wide. That way we can fit more in our lockers instead of just our coat, a tiny bag and a few folders.

Those are the reasons I would change the lunches, hours and lockers. Those are also the things that would make my school great. Now that I’ve said my changes what are some of yours? Do you agree with mine? Are there any you would change? Tell me in the comments.


They fought for you and your freedom. They spent years overseas fighting for your rights. They are the reasons you are here speaking what you’re speaking doing what you’re doing right now. They are the veterans of the United States of America.

What is a veteran? A veteran is a man or woman that served day after day risking their lives to do whatever they could to make America what it is today. They are the most amazing men and women in the world. They fight everyday and don’t even consider themselves a hero.

Veterans day is a day set aside to honor they these brave, honorable, courageous, unselfish veterans. A day set aside to celebrate the end of World War one. A day to also celebrate those who have fought and lost those lives for the USA. Last but definitely not least a day to say thank you to a veteran.

The last thing I have to say is thank you. Thank you to all those who served. To all those who fought for our country and our free freedom. Thank you for everything you for everything you have ever done. Thanks for being some of the most heroic,patriotic and self-sacrificing men and women